Guided Project: Hacker News Posts Using Pandas

Hello Everyone! This is my second guided project. Instead of using lists of lists and dictionaries, I worked with pandas to explore the dataset.

Feedback and suggestions are welcomed! I am a beginner at this but I believe that I can learn a lot with help from this community.
Thanks in advance!


Hey @sahiba.kaur.stats

Thanks for sharing your project with DQ Community.

A neat and simple project to follow. Great work :+1: Few quick suggestions for the plots:

  • add title and labels
  • you can modify the legends and add explanatory words to them. have you tried? it’s fun :wink:

Just wanted to know what is meant by “sum of comments”?

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Hello @Rucha
Thank you so much for your feedback. Really appreciate it!
I did not realize that my plots weren’t descriptive. Thanks for pointing that out! :slight_smile:
Also, to answer your question, sum_of_comments is the sum of number of comments, made in a particular hour of the day.

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