Guided Project: Heavy Traffic Indicators I-94

Hi all,
First time I am sharing any project . Seeking feedback and guidelines to improve work.
Basics.ipynb (517.3 KB)


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Hey @rakhshanda_kaleem, congratulations for finishing your first guided project!!!

I recognize how hard can be to finish such a challenging task as your first guided project. Here are a few tips to make it even better to follow up and present to other people:

  • Try to divide your project into standardized sections, I like to use different sizes. Write, also, a small paragraph saying briefly what the section is about and the challenges you are facing there. You can see a brief tutorial about Markdown configuration here;
  • In this sections, write more paragraphs about the steps and the middle conclusions one can get reading the tables, graphs and other information available, guiding the reader through your final conclusion;
  • You can, also, insert more comments in your code blocks throughout your project. This way you can guide the reader to the steps you took to reach the results :slight_smile:
  • About the graphs, you did a great job configurating the titles and axis in some graphs, I would recommend standardizing the configuration of them in the whole notebook.;
  • Also, in the code cell [27] you forgot a commented line, it would be nicer to remove it. As well as the two end cells, that are blank.

You did a very good job, I hope my comments are useful and congratulations again on your first project!! :sparkles: :rocket:

Till the next time and happy learning!

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