Guided project - Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94

Hi everyone,

This is the first project I have uploaded. I think I still need to improve on my descriptions and labelling. Any feedback or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Heavy traffic on the I-94.ipynb (468.8 KB)

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Hi @markmaguire1986

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your project on Heavy Traffic Indicators. The introduction is well displayed with the links of the dataset used nicely presented, the explanations given in the markdown cell, the conclusion are so informative and organized , thumbs up buddy for the good work! I can see you have directed your analysis to daytime traffic and the entire process is wonderful, what if you did the same for nighttime, I think they would have created good comparison.
Have got few humble suggestions to make;

  • You have hardly used the comments, remember with the comments readers can easily adapt with the code lines that might appear complex.

  • Have also noticed SettingWithCopyWarning: error which is very common when working with a dataframe, you can go through SettingwithCopyWarning: How to Fix This Warning in Pandas

  • You haven’t given a title to some of your graph, like the one in cell[6], hope you will checked into that.

  • Be very careful with the typos, you have noticed some, like in the explanations given in cell[16] I think you meant right and not righth.

Otherwise to me, everything looks nice and well worked on, congratulations mate for the well organized project ,Keep it up!

Happy learning

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I was having the same SettingWithCopyWarning: error. Thanks for the link!