Guided Project: Identifying Customers Likely to Churn for a Telecommunications Provider

HI guys.

I just completed this guided project using Microsoft excel and would love to have your thoughts on it.
Check it out here telco_churn.xlsx (1.2 MB)

I couldn’t download the modified data from the platform (for whatever reason), so I downloaded the original dataset and made some amendments along the way.

Your feedback is highly welcome :wink:


great work @oniabdulazeez00 , it was well analyzed, the graph were so on point. thank you for sharing such an amazing project. cheers

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Bro, did you also download the kaggle dataset for the “Preparing data in excel” guided project?

Yeah, I did.
I couldn’t find the shark attacks file so I downloaded it from Kaggle. it only needed a little cleaning.

You can check the solutions file on the Excel online platform as a guide.

Goodluck :+1:t5:

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Thank you very much.