Guided Project: Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings - Fandango replaced the 5-Star Fan Ratings

Hi all,

Recently I started to work on guided project: Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings.
You may be interested in incorporating this information while writing the narrative to your project.
I noticed that Fandango replaced the 5-Star Fan Ratings with the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score.


In February 2016, Rotten Tomatoes were sold to Fandango which may explain that change.


Interesting, I was stuck in this part of the project…
I suppose we should keep the table provided in the solution. Another option is to close the analysis here and conclude that the scoring system was totally modified after Hickey’s article :rofl:


Yep, also stumbled upon this now. Another artificial option is to use web archive to look for those ratings from the time when they were there.

hey @fedepereira, @lavrentiev.max, @agata.kolmer

I keep on reading that Data Science is the most rapidly updating field there is. This is truly one genuine example.
Now we can collectively reply in our interview, we couldn’t finish this project because source itself got updated!

Do let me know how you are planning to complete this project and if you have, please share. Thanks.

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Hi @Rucha,
this was like a month ago, but I decided to keep the table from solution notebook, since this is a learning phase and is not that relevant for the project itself.

In the solution, Alex took from the “after” dataset a random sample of 10 titles and observed that 9 out these 10 are popular movies. With this observation he concludes that the dataset is good enough to work with and decided to keep moving on.

I clarify in my notebook however that Fandango changed the scoring system and uses at this moment a 3rd party score (rottentomatoes). This may be because of Hickey’s article.

Btw, you are right that data science field changes frequently!

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