Guided Project: Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings!

Hi Everyone,

My final project from the Data Analyst path. This one was using statistics to analyse Fandango movie ratings. Just posting in case anyone has any tips to improve my code etc. I think my code for plotting the summary statistics and frequency chart is a bit cumbersome, so if anyone has any improvements that would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone!

Fandango Ratings Project.ipynb (117.5 KB)

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Hi @jmerrell247

Thanks for sharing your project on Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings. The presentation is so cool and all the steps are well detailed. Your introduction ,the comments , the explanation given in the markdown cell , the conclusion are so informative and thumbs up for the good work buddy! Just a suggestion , consider providing link for the datasets you are using. Otherwise congratulations for the good work and wishing all the best in your upcoming projects.
happy coding!