Guided Project_ Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings

Hi everyone,

I’m sharing with you my another project. Up until the end I believed in a miracle: that Fandango indeed improved their rating system, but it didn’t happen :joy:

Reproducing the graphs in FiveThirtyEight style was an interesting experience, and this article resulted to be really useful!

Looking forward to receiving your feedback. Any suggestions will be valuable for me: code efficiency, project structure, markdown explanations, visualizations, storytelling, occasional typos or discrepancies, etc. What can be added / removed / modified to make my project better?

Thank you in advance for your time!

Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings.ipynb (3.6 MB)

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Hi @Elena_Kosourova

Thanks for sharing another great and well styled, organized project on Investigating Fandango movie Ratings. Honestly, your projects have been beneficiary to my path , based on them am kind of motivated of what awaits. For this, the visualization is just excellent, I admired like all the steps in this project, the introduction, the explanations, the conclusion are so informative.
It’s like it took you a lot of time to finish the entire work, because the kind of explanations have read through require like an extra effort, thumbs up indeed for the good work.

lena_KosourovaCommunity Moderator
Up until the end I believed in a miracle: that Fandango indeed improved their rating system, but it didn’t happen :joy:

I gazed the same :smile:, but after going through your project, the facts got exposed.

Mine therefore is to congratulate you for the good work and great inspirations you have ignited in this community.
Happy codding!


Thanks a lot, Brayan! I’m realy happy to know that my projects have positive impacts on other learners! :heart_eyes_cat: Well, this project was relatively fast for me, only 2 weeks of several hours per day :sweat_smile: But it was very useful anyway: I will never-never check any rating on Fandango! :crazy_face:

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Your GP are always super impressive, with so many ideas with plots and really cool storytelling!

I was wondering how did you manage to get data from Fandango site, because in Russia it does not work %) Now I see you are not in Russia :smile:

Showing tables with tabulate function also an interesting feature, I am always doing like a Dataframe

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Hi @nskazenova,

Thanks a lot for your kind words, happy to hear that! :grinning: Well, Fandango doesn’t work neigher in Italy, and it seems that it actually works only in the USA :see_no_evil: Indeed, I wanted to use fresher data, for the last year at least, but unfortunately I can’t acces it.

As for tabulate, it’s a really interesting module, helping to beautify some small tables or dataframes. However, be careful with it, since some formats can be displayed incorrectly on mobile phones, and also it isn’t suitable for big tables.

Thank you again and happy learning! :star_struck:

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