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Guided Project: Kindly Can I get Feed Back?

Hello everyone. Kindly if you don’t mind I would love feedback on my project.
In particular:
a. The project itself
b. If it was professionally organized on GitHub
c. If I followed the correct rules in posting here.

Any feed back shall be highly appreciated.


  • have you noticed that when you print the dataframes head it’s not as readable as when you just display it?
    eg. the output of this cell:
# Let's explore the other datasets to see if we can gain any insight into how to combine them.
for k in data:

can’t be read. so in this case I’d say avoid printing the df.head()

  • also look here for markdown guidance or here
  • in you first section " Work Flow of This Project"I’d use a list. You’re using a lot of big spacing between the lines (eg. Key observations ) those lists look bad with such big line spacing, you clearly presented enough skills to do it better, just work on the overall readability and format of your markdown cells (and the output of code cells)
  • improve readability of readme at github, use bold, put a link to the notebook, put conclusions in, include a plot
  • IMHO too many comments
  • have a look here if I missed something