Guided Project - Learning how to give the project a professional look

Hi everyone,

I share with you today my finished project for this mission:

I’d really appreciate if you can give me your feedback.

In particular, I’d like to know your opinion about the flow in the narrative and the presentation.
The idea is to learn how to shape projects in a professional way in order to build a portfolio that I can present in an interview.

Here is the project:

Thank you very much for you help!

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Hello @agustinterissi, thanks for sharing your work.

The narrative and the presentation style is amazing. It is easy to follow along with what is happening in the project step by step.

Great. There are some things you’ve missed to make your project more professional.

  1. Data Exploration - You need to explore the data to be familiar with it.
    i. shape of the data
    ii. the data types of the columns
  2. Exploratory & Graphical Data Analysis - Explore the data fully. Do the Univariate Data Analysis, Bivariate Data Analysis, Make plots, these will aid you in getting insights before doing modelling.

Happy Learning!

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Thanks @info.victoromondi for your comments. Super helpful!
Some Data Exploration was done before starting with the Machine Learning section, but I didn’t include it in the presentation. I wasn’t sure if it would enrich it or make it too dense.

I’ll take your advice. Thanks again!