Guided Project - mission 356 - Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hi all!
Upload my notebook for this project.
I wait yours comments and advice.

mission_356_Guided_Project_Exploring_Hacker_News_Posts.ipynb (50.6 KB)

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Hi @vadim.maklakov

Congratulations for having completed the guided project on Exploring Hacker News. Your code looks so nice, the introduction so informative. The way you have worked on statistic for date and time dispersion is more than great, Thumbs up for that. Have just few suggestions;

  • I think it’s would be better to exclude the word Guided Project that is when introducing the title of your project.
  • Be very keen on the typos, like if you check your introduction the word ‘post’ has been type as 'posttt`.Also the explanation you gave based on percentage, you have commas in the percentage values.
  • Your conclusion looks good, However I think it would be better to include the findings(in the conclusion) as well just in a summary way.

Otherwise, to me everything is okay.

Happy learning!

Hi @brayanopiyo18
Upload refactoring archive.

  1. Name of project.
  2. mistakes in the words in Markdown cells.
  3. Replaced dot to comma separator in per cent values with using replace() method.
    Begin part Two of courses

mission_356_Exploring_Hacker_News_Posts_comma_percent.ipynb (51.1 KB)

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Hi @vadim.maklakov
Thank you for considering my suggestions helpful, and even going further to do the changes. I think for the name of the title of your project you need to exclude the word `Guided Project’. Hope you will consider this in your future projects.
Happy learning