Guided Project: Mobile App For For Gambling Addiction(What are your chances of winning the lottery?)c

Hello DQ, I’m here again to share another project. Thank you for the consistent feedbacks and learning opportunity provided to me. This project was about answering the question “What are your chances of winning the lottery?”. Turns out it is really slim. Had a lot of fun working on this.

Here’s a link to my last mission screen. Learn data science with Python and R projects

mobile app for gambling addiction.ipynb (32.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Great work @abomayesan on completing your work. It takes some serious focus to do the same, and you’ve done it.
The goals and objectives are clearly stated in the introduction, and the comments and doctrines have helped to make some of the functions less complicated. The explanations provided are also good. The conclusions’ findings are very instructive.

  • Your work was well presented although you made a typographical error in the spelling of ‘Probability Of Winning With Miltiple Tickets.’ it should be multiple

Great job and looking forward to seeing more of your work. cheers