Guided Project__Mobile App for Lottery Addiction

Hi everyone,

Here is my work on Mobile App for Lottery Addiction.

This project seemed a bit unusual to me, since I didn’t come up with any visualization to add this time. Actually, I tried first to find out the lucky month when people mostly win the lottery, then the lucky day, then the lucky numbers… But everything seemed quite uniform, without any particular insights behind the data, so I left this idea. Well, even if there were some insights, it’s always better not to give such suggestions in a mobile app for lottery addicts, for not to give to the players a false hope :grinning:

I ended up creating all the required and additional functions and customized them for all possible inputs (including wrong ones) and outputs. Also, I inserted some emoji to encourage or discourage people from actions, so now the outputs of my functions look very nice :yum: Interesting that for having only 12% of probability of winning the big prize you have to pay the sum of money equal to the big prize itself!! :frowning:

As usual, any feedback from you will be very appreciated! Code optimization, storytelling, any eventual issues or typos, if there is something to add / remove / improve - just let me know!

Thank you very much in advance!

Mobile App for Lottery Addiction.ipynb (124.8 KB)

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Hi @Elena_Kosourova

Thanks for sharing very amazing project on Mobile App for Lottery Addiction. As I always admit, having your project shared in this community means a lot to most of the student( me included) since the workings/steps you do provide always have got additional information which are very crucial and always render admirable outputs if incorporated.

For the introduction, it’s well worked , the goal/objectives are well displayed, the comments together with the doctrines have reduces the complexity of some of the functions, the explanations given are just excellent. Those findings given in the conclusion are so informing. I love the test performed in cell [2], the entire code lines are very open and easy to follow. keep it mate ,have really enjoyed reading through your project and have gained a lot as well.

I think incorporating emojis in the workings is an excellent idea :clap:, and honestly , have been nice with those emojis, their looks have that positive impression on the explanations given, and I think non of the reviewers will get discouraged :grinning:

Otherwise, thank you very much mate for sharing your project, and by the way, how do you do the selection of images you always present in the beginning of most your projects,? they do create good impression on your projects, like they somehow relate to what the project is all about. Kindly brief me…

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Hi Brayan,

Thanks a lot for your encouraging feedback! :heart_eyes_cat: I’m always happy to know that my hard work was useful to people!

About the code cell [2], when I was doing this project, I discovered also this cool way to return the output divided into several lines and breaking the text exactly in a right place, and not where Python decides to break it :sweat_smile: I tried a lot of options from google, but the only way that worked for me was this one, with multiple lines of f'' strings, each ending with \n.

As for the pictures, I always take them from Well, sometimes it’s not that easy to find the right picture even there, and I have to search a while. Usually, I use their search rather than the categories. This time, as far as I remember, I typed “money” or “lottery” and then, after looking at many photos, found this cute pig :relaxed: Ah, and one important thing: after downloading the necessary pictures from there and selecting the best one, it’s highly advisable to decrease its size (I use this website for this purpose). Otherwise, some pictres from Unsplash are really huge, sometimes I even had issues with downloading my projects here with such heavy pictures.

Finally, my another favorite resource, this time for taking emoji :grinning: I often take them from and use for my projects and articles.

Thank you once again for your attention to my project, Brayan! Hope the suggested resources will be also helpful!

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Thank you very much Elena! l appreciate your response, the proposed site and for further clarification as well.

Happy learning!

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Great job Elena! Love how concise and clean your project is. Very easy to read and understand. Great work as always!

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Thanks a lot @ywbadri! Very glad to know that my work was appreciated! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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