Guided Project No. 03: Ebay Car Sales Data (Feedback Wanted)

Hello, fellow learners. I just finished my third guided project: cleaning the data and analyzing the Ebay car sales data set. I would appreciate any feedback on how to improve my code, my workflow, and the presentation of my notebook. Any other comments, like any mistakes you spot in the analysis or the data cleaning process presented here is also greatly appreciated.

I would like to note that there are some steps that I diverted away from the prompts provided in the Dataquest mission. I may have made mistakes or inefficiencies in doing so, and comments or suggestions regarding that would help me improve faster.

gp03_ebay_car_sales.ipynb (159.3 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @philiplibre

Congratulations for having completed the guided project on Ebay Car Sales. Your project looks so nice and I admire the way you have well utilized the markdown cell.

The comments ,data cleaning stages, conclusion have been very well explained. However , just have a suggestion, I think it would be more better if you explain further of the history background of the dataset you are using, like providing the links for the dataset.

For my ,side everything looks good and just wishing a happy learning.

Thanks for the feedback, @brayanopiyo18.
I’ll keep your suggestion in mind for future projects that I will hopefully share here as well.

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