Guided Project No. 04: Visualizing Earnings Based on College Majors

Hello again, fellow learners. I just finished my fourth guided project on basic visualizing using pandas and matplotlib. For this project, while I followed the general framework recommended by the Dataquest prompts, I deviated in terms of what columns I examined and created graphs for.

I spent the most time for this project compared to the previous ones so far. I would appreciate any feedback on how to improve the efficiency of my code. For example, I understand that I could have coded the latter part of the project (e.g. plotting grouped bar plots) much more efficiently. Any tips on that matter, like any suggested workflow, would be greatly appreciated.

Any other comments and suggestions are also welcome as everything will help me learn more and improve faster.

gp04_visualizing_earnings.ipynb (790.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @philiplibre

Congratulations for having completed your fourth project on Visualizing Earnings Based on College Majors. To be honest, have gained a lot going through your work. For example, in the conclusion, I never imagined presenting my conclusion in such a descent way like yours. The steps are so clear, the visualization is awesome, your introduction, the use of comments , all is well. keep it up buddy and wishing you happy learning!

Thanks a lot for the kind words, @brayanopiyo18. I have also been looking at other shared guided projects here in Dataquest to get ideas as to how to improve myself. Here’s to hoping we all continue to learn and improve in our data science journey!

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