Guided Project No. 06: Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Good day, fellow data science learners. I’m sharing my sixth guided project for the Data Scientist in Python path. I took more time for this project than the previous ones, and decided to expand the analysis a little bit. I also diverted from the work flow suggested in the prompts provided by Dataquest.

Any comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. I’ve been taking notes of the tips given to me in the previous projects I shared and I try to integrate them into my next projects (if I happen to remember them!).

gp06_cleaning_and_analyzing_employee_exit.ipynb (312.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @philiplibre

Thanks for sharing your project on Cleaning and Analyzing Employee Exit Survey. All your steps are very recommendable , the introduction, the aim/goal, use of the comments, data cleaning process , analysis part are just on another level, keep it up buddy!. I love the way you have set out the threshold to eliminate some of the columns. For me, I used 500 and I think going for average is the best option just as you did. Visualization is just on another level, you have perfectly presented the pie charts, with values presented as percentage ,looking forward to do the same in my project.

Mine is therefore to congratulate you for good presentation and just wishing you a happy learning!

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Well done! This actually help me understand some of my errors. Keep it up!

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