Guided Project No. 07: Analyzing NYC High School Data

Greeting once again, data science community. I’m now sharing my seventh guided project for the DQ Data Scientist in Python Path.

This project became much larger and took much more effort than I originally planned to. I drew inspiration from other guided projects I saw shared by the community. Since this is notebook is rather voluminous, I was not able to review the code and the writing thoroughly. I would appreciate any feedback so I can: (1) improve my future projects, and (2) correct the errors in this project.

In relation to this project, I would like to note that there is a mistake in the instructions/prompts provided in the DQ screen for this guided project. Link to the screen below:

If you read the prompt, it states that we use class attendance data. However, the data sets in the project actually do not use said class attendance data. Rather, it uses the high school directory data. DQ may want to correct this as to avoid unintended confusion for learners.

Link to the last screen of the guided project below:

gp07_analyzing_NYC_high_schools_and_SAT_scores.ipynb (1.6 MB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @philiplibre

Thank you for sharing your project on Analyzing High School Data. Most of the projects you do share , have been widening my thinking on data analysis. For this, Your introduction has exposed me to more information I wasn’t aware of about New York City. Information background of the data is just excellent, talking of SAT by how you have provided the details on each section, is just wonderful . I Never used some libraries like the cartopy, they have rendered out nice charts and looking forward to include them in my upcoming projects where necessary.
Mine therefore is to congratulate you for the good presentation, from the introduction, data cleaning process, combining the data , the analysis, the conclusion is just excellent, thumbs up baddy for the good work.

Just a suggestion, I think some of the code lines like in cell[6] will come out better if the output was displayed, hope you will check onto that.

Otherwise to me , everything looks fine and just wishing you a happy learning.