Guided project : NYC school quality and perception

Hi everyone,

Here’s finally my project about NYC high schools. I would very much appreciate your feedback about how data are represented and my conclusions.

Thank you in advance,

ElisaNYCschools.ipynb (1.5 MB)

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Hi Elisa,

Thanks for shariing your project with the Community!

Honestly, I’m not an expert in R, at least not yet :sweat_smile: However, I have a couple of suggestions to you:

  • There were some warnings in the project. It’s better to fix them or at least to silence them.
  • Some code cells have super-long outputs, especially [9]-[11]. Please consider limiting them or even removing.
  • The conclusion is correct and perfect, only that I would divide it into several rows (each point - a new row).

By the way, now I see that the visualization in R is really cool, clean and readable! But the syntax for creating them looks to me a nightmare for now :grinning:

Hope my suggestions were helpful. Happy learning!

Hi Elena, thanks for your constructive feedback!
I agree that my code sometimes generates too long outputs: the fact is that in Jupiter Notebook you can skip the output in excess, so this is not a big deal; however, when you print it out the whole thing appears! I had no idea this would happen.
Those parts btw, were not essential; they were just for me to check how my data looked like - as I am not an expert yet either I like to check my data as much as possible! So I could have simply removed them before posting my solution.
Next time I’ll be more careful with my presentation!

Thank you also for your other comments - R is fun once you have a little grasp of it!

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