Guided Project: NYC Schools Perceptions Using R


I am working on the NYC Schools Perceptions Guided Project in the Data Analyst in R track. I would love feedback on my code before I move any further. I also notice that I have some warning messages when I plotted my graphs, for example: “Warning: Removed 16 rows containing non-finite values (stat_boxplot).” I would love to know what these warning messages mean.

Guided Project: NYC Schools Perceptions in R

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Hello @daniellebrantley5, thanks for sharing your work. You’ve done a commendable job by doing this analysis. The project style is pretty and easy to follow along with what you are doing. Based on the goal of the project you were supposed to:

Project Goals

investigate the following questions:

  1. Do student, teacher, and parent perceptions of NYC school quality appear to be related to demographic and academic success metrics?
  2. Do students, teachers, and parents have similar perceptions of NYC school quality?

It would be great if you provide us with a general conclusion of the above goal findings.

Happy Learning!

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