Guided Project on Answering Business Questions Using SQL

Dear all

Kindly find the attached Guided Project on Answering Business Questions Using SQL for your perusal input.


Guided Project_ Answering Business Questions Using SQL.ipynb (23.4 KB)

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Hi @naftali,

What I like the most about your project is how well-structured it is. Also, the image of the schema in the introduction is a great help for readers who want to get an overview of the database.

My other thoughts:

  1. Try to use your own words more in all parts of the text. I compared your project with the solution and project instructions, and I can see many similarities even though some of the words were changed. With that said, looking at your past projects, you’re already very skillful at explaining using your own words so I reckon this project is probably an outlier.
  2. Rerun all the code cells. This is best done before sharing any project.
  3. There’s an empty %sql code cell that might need removing.

Happy learning. Cheers.

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