Guided Project on Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Dear all

Kindly find my guided project on Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys for your per usual variable inputs.

Thank you

Guided Project_ Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys.ipynb (354.7 KB)

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Hi @naftali,

After a quick review, I thought your final table showing the age groups with counts of dissatisfied people was very clear and concise. Great job commenting and explaining your data cleaning.

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Hello @naftali ,
I am sure you are doing great today. I looked at your project and must say, you have put in so much to your analysis. You presented a very interesting introduction and was very clear with code comments. The sectionalisation of your process had a good flow and very engaging. A few notes you may look at:

  1. It is deemed a good practice to rerun all your cells after your analysis. This is to reset your cell numbering from 1 and so on. Your cells started from 917.
  2. Your conclusion didn’t have a subject heading to draw our attention to your final thoughts on the data analysed.
  3. Since your introduction was very detailed, you may want to add some more visualisations, comparing more variables.
  4. On your pie chart, you may look at this article Understanding and using pie charts from tableau and this from businessinsider as advised by DQ in the Visualizing Frequency Distributions Course.
    In summary, you had a very impressive presentation with your analysis.
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Thank you for your feedback

Thank you for your valuable. I will put them into practice.