Guided Project on EURO-USD Rate vs Year

My code is tedious but it was quite an experience!

EURO-USD Rate vs Years.ipynb (203.9 KB)

Jupyter Link :smiley:

Sorry @Sahil I didn’t know about your edit. Can I have your version back please. I’d like to have the Jupyter Notebook link.

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Can you add a link also, or maybe @Elena_Kosourova can help with that?


Thank you John. Now I have it. :laughing:


Hi @moscheung48

Great job finishing your EURO-USD project. You did a great job importing libraries and creating graphs to show the exchange rate fluctuations between the presidential terms.

It may help the reader if you divided your project into multiple sections using more markdown sub sections to guide the reader through your analysis. Here is a link to a style guide that details how to present sub headings and titles.

Great job on completing your guided project!


Thank you @Casandra_Hayward! I’ll look into the guide now & make some improvement on my project! :wink:


Great work @moscheung48, in addition to what @Casandra_Hayward have said it’d be really nice if you can consider the following

  • Add an introduction section to your work and talk in detail about what your work is about, it’d even be great if you can add an image depicting what the whole analysis is about as a whole
  • in the cell above, you don’t necessarily need to add print when using pandas functions such as head, tail and info.
  • Add a conclusion to your work, it’s not just about writing codes. you need to tell us what you discover

Great job, happy coding :raised_hands:

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