Guided_Project on Fandango Movies Ratings

Dear All

Kindly find the attached guided project on Fandango Movie Ratings for your input.

Thank you
Guided Project_ Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings.ipynb (280.7 KB)

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Great project @naftali thank you for sharing this, Your code’s readability is great because it makes it easier for me and other platform users to refer to it and understand what each step of the process is meant to achieve.

  • Your introduction and conclusion is well written and nice image too; it really helped to tell what the analysis s all about.
  • Your code is also was written too and easy to follow
  • Nice visualizations.
    I’d advise you clear output and rerun the code so the cell starts from one it’s help you discover if there are any errors somewhere. overall you did a very great job. :muscle: