Guided Project_ on Popular Data Science Questions

Dear All

Just finished my guided project on Popular Data Science Questions. Kindly provide your invaluable input as always.


Guided Project_ Popular Data Science Questions.ipynb (421.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @naftali, You did some excellent stuff. I commend the effort and time you have put into the project not just to showcase it but with the intention to provide a resource for other learners, Your analysis was straightforward to read and understand thanks to the many parts and Markdown cells. Your writing was concise and straightforward. I could understand and follow your analysis with ease.

  • Excellent summary of stackexchange provided in the introduction.
  • Coding comments were clear and professional.
  • Numerous visuals were used to communicate key insights during the investigation.
  • Effective usage of functions to reuse code.
  • Application of the question-visualization-observation framework in real-world settings
  • The conclusion was delivered well.

Some minor errors you might want to work on

  • In this line, you made some mistakes while applying the markdown code </font>, you did it in some other places too, try reading up and making necessary corrections.
  • Try rerunning your codes again

Overall you have done a great job and thanks for sharing it with us. :raised_hands:


Hi @naftali! Thanks for sharing the project with the Community! I mostly agree with @OlutokiJohn. I especially admire your nice visualizations. However, I noticed that many parts of your narrative are copied from the DQ’s guidelines. Since it is your project which you will most probably showcase on your GitHub or another platform, I’d strongly recommend you only write everything in your own words. It’s useful for you in the first place. At some point, you’ll have to work completely independently without any guidance, so it’s better to get used to it right at the beginning of your learning path :slight_smile:

Happy coding and good luck with your future projects!