Guided Project on Predicting House Sale Prices

Hi everyone, i want to know why we need to drop columns that leak info about the final sale. Thank you!

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Hi @Destine,

Please provide a mission link as per these guidelines so that we can better assist you.

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Ok thank you to assist me, i mean, in the guided project on predicting house sale prices with linear regression model after i end my job, i compared with other guided project of the github so i noticed we were drop columns that leak info about final, so i want to know why because for me we could to need it! link of the mission is here!

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Hi @Destine

As mentioned in this article, data leakage may cause the model to overfit

because the model would be also learning from features that won’t be available

Hope this helps!


Great, thanks !

No worries @Destine! Anytime.