Guided project on Visualizing Earnings based on college Majors

Please review my guided project on Visualizing earnings based on college majors.Please provide me a feedback to help me improve.
Thanks in advance

Visualizing Earnings Based on College Majors.ipynb (1.1 MB)

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hey @lakshmial87

Without diving deep and getting technical, I wish to say:

  • the project a good start in terms of intro and the goal section is a nice addition.

  • what could be added to your project is a conclusion part one after each plot, and one at the end like a brief overall of the project and its closing.

  • for the grouped plot, you have highlighted all the majors, but since there are so many, we can’t clearly know what is what. as an extra challenge check out the annotations in plots.

(for this plot, you can perhaps do this, annotate the most preferred and least preferred major.
So all the bars will still be visible but the longest one and smallest ones will be identifiable something like this:)

Happy learning!

I tried to do annotations.But I am stuck.
This is what i did.
grouped # data to plot

grouped[‘Total’].max(),10)).set_title(“comparison b/w Men and Women”).annotate(“Most number of students”,xy=(3,1302376.0),xytext=(5,1302378),arrowprops = dict(facecolor=“red”,shrink=0.05))

Its showing this error.
Where did i go wrong?
Thanks in advance.

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hey @lakshmial87

Did you try to google it? or check out the official documentation for its usage?

One alternative that I could do is as below:

fig, ax = plt.pyplot.subplots(figsize = (15,12)) = ax).set_title('comparison b/w Men and Women')

ax.annotate('Most number of students',xy=(3,1302376.0),xytext=(5,1302378),arrowprops = dict(facecolor='red',shrink=0.05))

Let me know is it still doesn’t work!

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Thanks for the reply.
Yes I tried to google it.This worked except I gave
fig,ax = plt .subplots (figsize =(15,12))
instead of
fig,ax = plt .pyplot.subplots (figsize =(15,12)) which gave me an error.

I tried the same code but what i missed was (ax=ax).

Now its working. Thank you so much.

This is my updated project .Tried to correct some of the flaws you pointed out.
Visualizing Earnings Based on College Majors.ipynb (640.6 KB)

Thanks again

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