Guided Project - Popular Free Apps

This is my first ever project completed in python programming language. All feedbacks will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Popular Free Apps [IOS and Android].ipynb (29.6 KB)

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Hi Faraz,

Thanks for sharing your first Python project with the Community! Interesting idea to introduce a new class with all the necessary functions, cool and self-explanatory function naming, very clean and easily readable code, perfectly formatted outputs, curious observations about most popular apps at each market.

Some comments from my side:

  • You might consider making the introduction a bit more informative and adding a dataset link. Also, I would add more intermediate markdown observations throughout the project.
  • It’s better to re-run the already completed project to have all the code cells in order and starting from 1.
  • A good idea is to combine subsequent code cells without outputs or markdown explanations between them into a unique code cell (e.g. [242] and [245]).
  • You can consider rounding some outputs ([245], [246], [247], [251]).
  • The commented-out pieces of code should be removed from the final version of the project.
  • Please consider adding code comments to less obvious pieces of code.

I hope my feedback was useful. Great job this your project! And good luck with your future ones.

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Hi Elena,

Thanks you very much.

Your observations are detailed and clear. Indeed they are very helpful.

I will be working on your comments to improve the coding. Thereafter, I will post again the improved version.

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That’s great, Faraz, happy that it was helpful!


Thanks for sharing your work,

I will tell you what I have seen and see if I am able to explain why I am saying this:

  • Working with data its necessary to include a link to the origin of the data if its possible and a dictionary too, i.e. information for those who read the document if they do not have a technical idea to know what they have in their hands, don’t worry, the same thing happened to me.

  • It would be more safe if everything was new brand rendered, this means that before the first step there have been 240 [Ctrl]+[Enter] and that the values are stored in the variables (sometimes when testing the values make bad passes)

  • Blocks of code with several steps and without a text that accompanies what you are doing.

    • it’s very easy to forget this part when we are programming but it is because our technical profiles in the end narrate a story worked with data and to get there (able to explain), must play between the particular (programming - details) and the general (big-history). (it is a thought)
  • Take advantage of the use of markdown, you don’t need to know everything, make a .txt document and put the most elementary things like:

    • how to make links, bold spaces, things that help you to emphasize a story, in the end is what we are doing. I pass you this link and there you will find things that may help you, this is one that I need and I put it in that txt that I told you:

On the other hand I must tell you that the use of the class that you have developed has been very useful for me, and thanks to you I will take it into account.

Thanks for everything I hope I have been helpful as you have been for me.

Goog joob! + Best regards.


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Thanks Edelberth. I appreciate. As a practice, I will redo this project soon. I will take into consideration all your guidance.

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