Guided Project: Predicting the stock market, part 6, finished project

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if __name__ == "__main__":
    import pandas as pd
    data = pd.read_csv('sphist.csv')
    from datetime import datetime
    data = data.sort_values(by = ['Date'], ascending = True)
    data['5_day'] = data['Close'].rolling(5).mean().shift()
    data['5_day'] = data['5_day'].fillna(value = 0)
    data['30_day'] = data['Close'].rolling(30).mean().shift()
    data['30_day'] = data['30_day'].fillna(value = 0)
    data['365_day'] = data['Close'].rolling(365).mean().shift()
    data['365_day'] = data['365_day'].fillna(value = 0)
    data = data[data['Date']>'1951-01-03']
    data = data.dropna(axis = 0)
    train = data[data['Date'] <'2013-01-01']
    test = data[data['Date'] >='2013-01-01']
    from sklearn.linear_model import LinearRegression
    lr = LinearRegression()
    column_focus = ['5_day',
    pred = lr.predict(test[column_focus])
    from sklearn.metrics import mean_absolute_error
    mae = mean_absolute_error(test['Close'],pred)
    mean_ = test['Close'].mean()
    max_ = test['Close'].max()
    min_ = test['Close'].min()
    print('mean absolute error: {}\n mean: {}\n max: {}\n min: {}'.format(mae,mean_,max_,min_))    

results in

mean absolute error: 16.14225437004503
 mean: 1874.890338389716
 max: 2130.820068
 min: 1457.150024

This seems like gross overfit, but I did it on a rolling average for a period of 5 days, 30 days, and 365 days. It feels like overfit shouldn’t really be possible.

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Hi @westlundderek, Why do you think that the results are indicating overfitting?

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being within 16 out of 1450 or 2100, 0.7%-0.12% margin of error, seems far too precise. If that simplistic a linear regression were that accurate, or even anywhere near that, stock traders wouldn’t be averaging 5% return on investment.

I guess it’s an assumption on my part knowing that it’s absurdly difficult to beat the “5% return” threshold, and less than 0.2% error margin would mean i could get effectively whatever profit I want.


Hi @westlundderek,

Here is a great post that may help you:


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