Guided Project Prison Break 27/6

Hey everybody,

i added code that checks if a Prison has been broken out multiple times. Not much but was some fun to add.
It involves the lower function after realizing that there are Prisons with the same name but as different Strings
Basics.ipynb (79.6 KB)

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Great project for a start @FrontallFlashpoi, you need to see other people’s work to know to do it properly analyze your work and also learn how to use markdowns

Hi @FrontallFlashpoi

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your project with DQ community and I would also wish to join @OlutokiJohn in the appreciation. You have managed the code lines so well thus rendering the required outputs. Have few things to point out;

  • You have missed to include the aim of your project. Basically the aim describe the role of your project, what are these questions your project is trying to answer? For example one of your code lines outputted the year with their respective escape attempts - which can serve a one of the objective of your project.
  • Check on the information background of your dataset. Providing the link as you have done is one of the best approach when tackling information background. But remember not all readers will be interested to follow the link to confirm the same, so to incorporate all readers , always consider having a brief introduction of your dataset written in the introduction.
  • You can consider re-running your project on the menu bar of your jupyter notebook anytime you are done with your workings. This ensure sequential ordering of your code cells.
  • Kindly check on the observation you have made below cell[13], you have included the year 1976 as one of the years with most breakouts. This isn’t true, your graphs clearly outputs 1976 with zero breakouts same to cell [13] both affirms this.
  • Take note as well when giving directions or rather when giving explanations. Like below cell[15] I thought those explanations were for the outputted graph, only to realize you meant the workings that was to follow, the best approach therefore is to give specification for example starting off like -in the code cell below…
  • Think of accompanying your outputs with explanations. Like in cell[15], you ought to have stated which country with highest number of occurrences. Don’t always ignore when the outputs are self explanatory not all readers will understand these outputs.
  • To boost the readability of your outputs more so when outputting elements in a list or dictionary then you can consider having for loop that is when dealing with list or avoid print() function to endorse vertical display when displaying element in a dictionary.

Further Exploration…

In the feature or if you fill like expounding further on this project, then you can consider exploring on the months as well. More so you can reorganized the dataset to include which period of the month did most escape attempts occurred, and which months were these. The whole exploration has got some nice facts.

Otherwise congratulations for the good work, and all the best in your upcoming projects.