Guided Project: Prison Break by oladejoalexander3

Here is the first project, I would like feedback on my code, Thank you.
first dataquest prison project.ipynb (76.0 KB)

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Hi @oladejoalexander3

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your project with DQ community. Have gone through your project and looks pretty cool. The code lines have been well managed and has thus rendered the desired outputs. Keep it mate for the good work, considering this being your first guided project. Have got few humble suggestions to point out;

  • Recheck on the title, remember through the title a reader should grasp an idea of what your project is all about, so you ought to have related it to prison break, helicopter escape and so on, but just make sure it reflect what the project is all about.
  • Always consider giving background information on the data you are working on, Like in this case the data was being obtained from the internet, and therefore including such information in the introduction will boost the informativity of your project.
  • You missed to include the aim of your project, like what are these questions your project intend to answer. For example from your workings I figured out that one of your objectives was to know in which countries do the most attempted helicopter prison escape occur, so you ought to have included this as one of your objectives/aim/the goal that is in the introduction.
  • You also need to check on giving explanations to the outputs. Most of your outputs lacks explanations on what they mean, remember not all readers going through your work will come to understand every outputted more so to newbie, and the best approach therefore is to accompany your project with explanations , observations and even comments.
  • Also , always consider having conclusion when working on any project, that is , the findings from your project presented in a summary way.

Otherwise congratulations mate for the good work. All the best in your upcoming projects.

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Hi @oladejoalexander3,

I relocated you second project here.
In the future, please create a new topic for each shared project.

Thank you and happy learning!