Guided Project: Prison Break: Finished!

Guided Project_ Prison Break.tar (78.5 KB)
Basics.ipynb (72.9 KB)

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Hi @bassampython congratulations on finishing this project. With a quick glance I can see that all your code looks good. Your analysis results are matching with the solutions given. So you did good there. Though it would be great to give a bit more of a context through explanations in the markdown cells.

Someone who has no connection with this project wouldn’t really get the aim of this project from a quick look. So an introduction about the project helps. Also a name that reflects the project would be better for the title. Just like the introduction, a conclusion section with inferences from your analysis is also an integral part of reports. Some people would just scroll down to read the conclusion as they are only interested in the findings rather than the whole analysis, especially in a corporate settings. Similar to the explanations in the markdown cell, it is a good practice to add code comments to code blocks, so that it is easier to understand your own code at a later date.

So adding a bit more of explanations, an intro and conclusion sections, code comments etc can improve the readability of your report. I hope this helps. Good luck with your next guided project.