Guided Project: Prison Break - Reviews

Little but obvious improvements… :innocent: :innocent: :yum:

I’m so glad for the improvement I’m making…

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Great job on completing the project. :grinning: :+1:t5:

My only advice is possible provide some more context in your project and code, such as:

  • What is the project about?

  • Why you was finding the min and max of the years?

  • Why you was creating this list:

  • What did the final plot tell you? With your own conclusion.

Eventually I did work out what your goal was and what the purpose of the code was doing. However, adding those extra text can save the reader and yourself when you come back to it in the future, sometime.

Other than that, good job and best of luck for your future projects. :grinning:

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Thanks so much for the review. :blush:
I’ll put all these in mind from now on. :sweat:
thank you and would be expecting more reviews from you. :blue_heart:

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Congrats on completing your first project.

I would suggest you to try to come up with alternate ways to get the same end result of every exercise.

When you think of these methods, they might not work sometimes. In these instances, note down why it didn’t work as a comment

For instance, take a moment to think if the piece of code below

for y in  range(min_year, max_year + 1):  
for i in  years:      

can be written with these lines

attempts_per_year = list﴾[years,0]﴿ 

In this case, no. This will not give you the correct result. Why? What do you think would be the result.

Taking a moment to think of alternate ways might take a bit of your time but would help you learn more and get better at debugging code.

Good luck!