Guided Project: Prison Break

Guided Project: Prison Break — Review | Dataquest

PrisonBreak.ipynb (80.5 KB)

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Hi @shashkov0 Congratulations on finishing this guided project. The first project can at times get overwhelming.

After looking at your code, I can see that some of the codes are repeating a couple of times. Also you have added one line of code in one cell. For example initialising a variable index = 0
Though it is not wrong to do it, it will be more logical and easy to read if you can combine the connected lines of code together and put it in one code cell.

In the index=0 example, that line of code is part of the for loop you have written below in line 6. So the code in line 5 and 6 can be typed in together and looks better organised.

To increase the readability of the whole project, it is a good idea to give introduction, headings, explanations, code comments and a conclusion section. I hope this helps.

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