Guided Project: Prison Escape

Hi All, Completed my first Guided Project today. Helping for constructive feedbacks on how to improve. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Basics.ipynb (141.4 KB)

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Hello @sharra.valdepenas, Welcome to the DataQuest Community and thank you for sharing your project. I hope by doing this project you learned a lot.

You’ve structured your work nicely making it easier for us readers to follow along with the project. insightful explanations in every step of the questions you were doing.

Happy Learning!

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@sharra.valdepenas congrats :handshake: on getting board on DQ and completing your first project :fireworks:. It is definitely a good feeling.

I’ve gone through your projects and have a few pointers which should help to improve it in the next round. (please click on the triangle bullet points for more detail)

Presentation Style
  • Include an introduction and conclusion section which summarizes your intention and understanding of the project.
  • I would recommend creating your own section names to refer to each section as opposed to question numbers and questions.
  • Ensure to re-run your entire project using this option in your python notebook.
  • Kudos on adding context to each of your findings. It is not usually done by many people new to data analysis.
Coding Style
  • I would recommend the addition of more comments. What you’ll realize a couple of projects down the line, when you return to this project, is, you are unsure of what you did. Comments serve as a bookmark. If you haven’t got to this part of the lessons, revisit this project after you do so.
  • I didn’t go through the code at great depth but seeing as you have followed the instructions provided by DQ, I feel there should be no issues.
  • There are a few challenge questions at the end of the project, I recommend that you give those a shot. Those will help to differentiate your project and make them stand out.
  • Once you are comfortable with data visualization, add more of those and expand your analysis further.

Checkout this page for more pointers on how you can take your guided project to a whole different level and standout.

You are doing a great job. Keep going :rocket: on!

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Thanks so much for the feedback!

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback! I will take note and apply all these pointers for the next project I’ll do! These are so helpful!!

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