GUIDED PROJECT: : Profitable Android and IOS Mobile Apps


I would appreciate your review of my first project and i will be glad to get a feed back to help me improve more.

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hi @aniefiokuduakobong

Welcome to DQ Community!

please follow the steps in this guideline, as both the links point to the instructions page of guided project.

Sharing Your Guided Project in the Community

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i have just done as instructed.
please how do i delete the above post?

hey @aniefiokuduakobong

you could have modified this post itself. The new post you have created still doesn’t have the project file. :frowning:

In your first post within this topic, click on the 3 dots then click on edit and then try to upload your project as per the guidelines.

i clicked on the 3 dots but i didnt see the edit button, hence the reason i posted a new one.