Guided Project: Profitable App Prof

I just typed the exact same code as the one on the solution pages, yet I get this mistake.

Could you help me understand the issue please?

You are trying to convert 3.0M which is impossible since pandas sees it as a string because of letter “M”.

Your code is actually correct, but the index number 3 is supposed to be the reviews column but it seems to be indexing the Rating column. Can you post the code you used before this cell?

Hello @gaelle.c,

For the guided project you’re working on, the google play dataset has an error on row[10472] (this row index is for the dataset after removing the header) which is the row that contains the “3.0M” under the reviews column and that throws the ValueError because it could not convert the string value 3.0M value to float.

According to the guided project, you are advised to delete the row as the row doesn’t conform with the header of the dataset, check here on instructions on how to delete the row.

After deleting this row, your code should work just fine.

I hope this helps.

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