Guided Project - Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets - Anthony Leung

Hi Guys!
Just finished my first guided project, feel free to comment!

Basics.ipynb (47.5 KB)

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hi @anfany623,congratulations for having completing your project on analyzing profitable app profiles for the app store and google play markets. Have gone through your project and have the following to point out;

  • the title of your project is not that well synthesize, since you are working as data analysts, I think by saying this Types of apps that attract more users isn’t enough.
  • it’s advisable to give history background and the links of the dataset you are using which should be included in the introduction. so recheck on your introduction.
  • you have hardly presented the observations of the outputs, check on this as well.

having saying that mine is to wish a happy learning!

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