Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets: Incorrect length for Apple dataset after removing non-english apps


I am unable to figure out where I went wrong to get this result for my apple dataset.

Expected result for dataset length after removing non-english apps: 6183
Actual results: 6181

Link to mission step:

I have uploaded the .tar file for my guided project so you can access my full code. The last few cells at the bottom of the page contain the relevant code for removing the non-english apps.

Guided Project_ Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets.tar (2.0 MB)

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Hi @sohailkoodo

I think the difference of 2 appeared because you have removed the 2 ‘duplicate’ apps from apple dataset from this finding on cell number 5
Number of duplicate apps: 2

Though the names of the apps are the same in this case, all other data connected with these apps such as app id and other details are different. So in the solution, they are not considered as duplicate apps.

Also, for apple data set app_id is used while in google data set app_name is used to find the duplicates.

If you look into that detail, you will be able to match your answer with that of the solution notebook.

Hope this helps.
Also, please do upload .ipynb files instead of .tar. Notebook files are easier to view with just one click and helps you get a reply faster.

Happy learning.

Hey @jithins123

Perfect, made the adjustment, for future questions I’ll upload .ipynb files.

Thank you!

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