Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets. NEW

Sayomi+Firstproject.ipynb (32.0 KB)

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Hello @AdeneganOluwafeyisay! Thanks for sharing:)

You did a good job and here is some feedback:

  • Add sections to your project to logically split it.
  • What the are exact objections of your project? You goals are a bit general.
  • Title your project somehow meaningful with a title that wraps up the whole project (especially the project’s objections).
  • You do not need to import reader two times, once you have imported this module it will be with you in each code cell.
  • Correct typos.
  • Wrap up your results and wrtie a conclusion. Have your answered the project’s questions?

That’s all for me:)

Happy coding!


@artur.sannikov96, thanks for the feedback. This was actually my first project with Jupyter, i guess i’m better now at the storytelling aspect than before. And by 'objections ’ do you mean Objectives?

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Yeah! That’s what I meant, for the typo.

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Hi @AdeneganOluwafeyisay,

Congratulations on finishing your first guided project. I think most of the things are mentioned by @artur.sannikov96

But I quite like how you found out the index of missing value and deleted based on your finding, rather than relying on Kaggle discussions! Rest everything looks good. You have followed the instructions very diligently.

It would have been a easier and quicker read if you had added the subheadings and more importantly a separate section for conclusion. I’m sure you will take care of these things on your next project. Also, I’d suggest that it is a good idea to have more fun with the data and go beyond the instructions and experiment.
Happy learning.

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