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I had fun on this profitable apps guided project!

profitable-app-profiles.ipynb (85.3 KB)

I’m looking forward to do more projects in the upcoming courses :laughing:

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Hey @bounski,

I’m no expert but I really liked the way you’ve described everything. It was fun and interesting reading through it. :slight_smile: Happy learning!

Wow @bounski, you really did have a blast with this project! It was fun to read, and I liked your suggestion. With the coding part of it, be careful with printing out long lists (like cell 44 with the Tools category). It breaks up the flow and gave my scrolling finger a cramp. :wink:

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you @menon.aj! :laughing:

@april.g thank you! Ah yes, the Tools category is long :see_no_evil: is there any way on how to truncate the list? Perhaps there’s a code for it or maybe there’s a way through the Jupyter Notebook to shorten it?

Hey @bounski :slight_smile:

I looked into your project deeply and specially i liked the description part which is eye catchy. You’ve also organised the codes very well. Good Job :slight_smile:


It is very interesting to read the description and scenario you built in the project, making it easier to follow and understand the code. Thanks for the effort and share of your project.

@prasadkalyan05 @marshallma88 thank you so much! Glad that you like the style of this project! :smiley:

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Thanks @bounski , your work inspired me to have fun doing this project too, instead of simply following the instructions. Cheers ! B.

I was also inspired by your project and decided to have some fun with mine too! Thanks! :relaxed:

@ch.billy @frencielanggi02 thank you so much! I’m so happy to know that this style could inspire others too! Let’s have fun together :laughing:

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Hi bounski, aku beruntung bisa menemukan project yang kamu kerjakan. Aku sangat terinspirasi dengan documentation style yang kamu telah lakukan.

Salam kenal bounski



Wah seneng banget ketemu orang satu negara di sini hehe…

Terima kasih yaa :laughing: Hepi deh kalo project ini ternyata bisa menginspirasi :smiley: Semangat ya!


This is my first journey to the data analyst world. I read you project and the description is so fun and seems to be a movie. Great job my dear !!!

Hello @mahouessimi!

Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad that you like the descriptions :laughing: Have fun on your learning and welcome to the community!

I reviewed my related guided project and when I had seen your project, it occured to me that I have so many things that I have missed; Explaining my findings just like you did magneficently.

Thank you for this

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I had just finished my first guided project : Profitable app profiles and was looking for similar posts regarding the completion and landed on your notebook.

It was fun reading your code! Going through the storyline and getting a sense of the project sounds like a cool idea. Maybe this is what they are all saying about Data Scientists should be story tellers too! I’m considering following this style, maybe on the next guided project, because its so cool and going through an analytical project more interesting! Thank you for sharing this.

So I also found that the Family, Social networking are too long to print. I’m not sure if it is the right way to do it. But I have added a counter and inserted an if clause. If the counter reaches more than 25, it will exit from the loop and stops printing.

for app in free_english_ios_apps:
    if app[11]=='Social Networking':
        print(app[1], ":", app[5])
        if count==25:                   # to print only 25 apps 

I also did what you propose with a little alteration

for app in free_english_ios_apps:
    if app[11]=='Social Networking' and count < 25:
        print(app[1], ":", app[5])

This way your ommiting a few lines of code which is cleaner I think. But both ways work.

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Indeed. This is much better!
Well, that was my first longest code ever. So I’m getting used to the best practices and clean codes. Thank you for your suggestion.

Always happy to help. It’s also fun learning from others and I hope we communicate better coding practices in the future.

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