Guided Project - Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets

Working on this project and am stuck because of the error I can’t figure out. Please help.

Basics.ipynb (2.6 KB)

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Hi @sharonomojah,

It may be worthwhile investigating how that particular print statement is different from the others in that same code cell! The error you’ve received suggests that it might be done to the particular syntax used.

Hope this helps

Hi @sharonomojah,

You have to remove the gap between print and the bracket in this row:
print (android_header)

Thanks @Elena_Kosourova, sorry I didn’t see this but I have rectified it but still not working.

Hi @isaacaderogba1, thank you for your response but I don’t understand what you mean :blush:

Try to re-run the whole notebook then, probably this is the issue.

Did and still not working.

Finally managed to solve it.
I didn’t close the brackets on the
print(‘Number of columns:’ , len(dataset[0])
and the row_and_columns in my if statement do not match the one in the parameter.

Thank you for engaging.

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Ah, yes, you’re right, now I also see it. Great that you’ve successfully resolved it!