Guided Project: Profitable Apps Jupyter crashing

Screen 8 of the 1st project, everything so far worked, till I wanted to filter out free apps:

free_ios = []
free_android = []
def is_free(apps_list):
    for app in apps_list:
        price = app[7]
        if price == "0":

What I expected to happen:
I was expecting to filter out FREE apps. I know they’re strings, that’s why

price = app[7]

What actually happened:

“The kernel appears to have died. It will restart automatically.”
now to prevent this I have to write a code that will result in error:

price = float(app[7])

if I do the above, Kernel is fine, Jupyter is fine, but obviously trying to float a string will not work…

Why is Kernel crashing? I could write a function removing the $ sign and floating all the strings, but do I have to? Whats the cause of this problem?

Does your kernel always crash when you run the code?
You can always restart the kernel, by clicking on :
Kernel → Restart

but obviously trying to float a string will not work…

Yes indeed the $ sign will be problematic, your suggestion on removing it is a good idea.
However before doing so, it seems like there is a syntax mistake in one of your line in the is_free function, you might want to figure out which line doesn’t work properly with a simple print(1) statement.
Good luck!