Guided Project: Profitable Mobile App Profiles

Good evening from Nigeria!

I’m back with a guided project on free mobile English app profile recommendation for the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Rather than work with lists as suggested in the guide, I worked directly with a pandas dataframe and so my codes are quite different.

I would love to get your feedback, as always :grinning:. Thank you for your time.

Love, :love_letter:
Profitable_English_Mobile_Apps.ipynb (194.5 KB)

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@tosingeorge01 excellent :100: job on your project. . (Click the arrow bullet point for the detailed review.)

Presentation Style
  • Once you feel you are done with the project, re-run the entire project so that the cells start from [1]. This ensures that the cells are contiguous

  • It would be best to ensure that the titles remain consistent throughout the report. Introduction is not bold but the Conclusion title is bold

  • While you have added a separate section for conclusion, I would encourage you to expand on your conclusion. A brief summary of specific analysis points in it would support your decision and this is what is expected out of an analyst.

  • It appreciable that you give context to every section, using Comments. Some people typically skip and go straight to the coding, which is absolutely the most interesting part. Where applicable I would encourage you to add more details in the context.

Coding Style
  • It is always best to round your output values e.g This line in cell[70] could be re-written as
freq= round(freq/len(android_free)*100,2)

to round to 2 decimal places

  • I encourage you to use the following code that adds a comma separator to your values to make them more readable.
# This will ensure that all your column values don't show e
pd.options.display.float_format = '{:,}'.format
  • I have not gone to in-depth in the code as I feel, you have done mostly what has been given as per the instructions
  • Once you have got a hold on visualizations. I recommend that you re-do this project and add a couple of visualizations. They add a lot more value to your analysis

Great job! If you keep at this pace… you should hit the stars pretty soon :rocket:


Thank you so much for this in-depth review of my project.
As you already suggested, I will definitely consider adding some visualizations. :grinning: :pray: