Guided project -Python fundaments: [350] Free apps - numbers differ from the solution provided

This is from the very first guided projects from Python fundamentals to find the free apps in both Android and iOS datasets provided.

Screen Link:

I have the following code:

gplay_free =[]
ios_free =[]

for app in play_english[1:]:
    type = app[6]
    if type == "Free":
for app in ios_english[1:]:
    price = float(app[4])
    if price == 0.0:

print("Free play store apps: ", len(gplay_free))
print("Free Apple store apps: ", len(ios_free))

The solution to the guided project says there are free 8864 Android apps and 3222 iOS apps where I receive 9997 Android apps and 699 iOS free apps. What could I possibly be doing the wrong way here?


Hi Menon, welcome to the community!

I used your code in a copy of my project and it gives me the expected values you see on the solution. Since the loops depend on play_english and ios_english, this is probably where you need to look for a problem. If you’re not able to figure it out, you could post more of the code here or, better yet, upload a copy of your .ipynb file so someone can have a closer look with you.

Thanks @april.g. I’ll get back with the copy of the project soon. I’m attempting to do the project once again.

@april.g as you’ve mentioned, the problem was with the data in ios_english and play_english. Reworked on it and it gives the expected values now. Thanks again for your support

Glad to see you got it figured out! :grin:

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