Guided Project Review: eBay Car Sales + extra analysis

Hey All,

I’ve just finished up with the 3rd guided project + did some of the extra analysis as suggested at the end. If anyone has a chance to, I’d appreciate any sort of feedback (particularly with the scripts I’ve used).

Mike H

Here’s a link to my GitHub where I’ve uploaded the file.

Guided Project - Exploring eBay Car Sales (1).ipynb (121.3 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hey @michael.hoang17,
Thanks for sharing your project with us. You have done a great job. You also add some discussion as well. However, you can add some introduction at the very beginning of your project. The introduction should contain some text about the overview of the project. At last, you may summarize your findings of the project within a few lines of text.
We are eagerly waiting for your next project.