Guided Project Review: Finding the Best Markets to Advertise In


After inspiring myself in the projects done by @Rucha and @Elena_Kosourova I just finished the Finding the Best Markets to Advertise In project.

I continued with the same style shown in the Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings and the personal Signature Bar.

Any suggestions to improve are welcome.

Las Mission Screen

Github Link

Finding the Best Markets to Advertise In.ipynb (429.9 KB)

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Hi Radu,

Your project is absolutely cool, and I’m glad that my project gave you an inspiration to create such a great work! :+1: I liked the overall project structure including Results Summary, smooth and exhaustive introduction and conclusion, interesting storytelling in general, all the necessary links and markdown emphasizing. Good idea to gather all the functions at the beginning of the project for an easier reference. Awsome visualizations, good idea to make box plots horizontal. And my favorite stem plots and missingno! :heart_eyes: As for the countries where the respondents live I even didn’t know some names, for example Guam! :grinning: Now I wonder if here on DQ we have some students from there.

A couple of suggestions from my side:

  • It’s better to increase the titles and axis labels of the plots for readability purposes.
  • A good practice is to combine the subsequent code cells that have no outputs or no markdown cells between them, like [2]-[4], [5]-[6], [13]-[14], even if they represent different ideas.
  • When referring to string data in code cells, it’s better to use a uniform style for quote marks throughout the project: or only single, or only double quote marks.

I hope my ideas were useful. Congratulations on having done a great job, keep up this high level! :star2:

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Hy @Elena_Kosourova,

Thanks for your review. I appreciate your effort and suggestions I will try to apply all of them and improve the presented notebook.

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