Guided Project Review: Predicting NYC Condo Prices (in R)

Hey All,

Just wanted to share my work and thoughts about this project + the extra section that was suggested at the end of the page. Overall, it was a good project albeit a long one with all the Google searches that needed to be done as part of the prep work prior to the analysis and the understanding of the findings. As for the analysis portion, it was relatively straightforward and can be easily expanded upon for multivariate analyses (assuming that there are other more relevant data that would have been collected). In the end, I was happy to be able to put into practice what I really wanted to gain from picking up learning R.

In any case, hope you check out my findings and let me know what you all think about the process that I took. Hopefully, a native New Yorker can vouch for some of the conclusions that I had noted.


Here’s a link to my GitHub to see my work


Nice! I see you compared the data from the dataquest csv to the most recent data using multi-unit condos for the recent data. I went with A1 single family homes which also includes land_square_feet as well. That not having gross square feet for R4 threw me for a loop on that project.

FYI if you want your notebook to show up in GitHub like it does in R-Studio convert it to regular markdown (it will put your graphs in a separate folder with links) following this stackoverflow

I did that for my portfolio for my R projects

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Thanks for the GitHub tip, @manandwa. Seeing as I’ve just been adding stuff onto GitHub, I still need to clean up my portfolio after going through all of the R projects to make it somewhat presentable.

As for the project, not having the gross square feet listed for condos really threw me off as well. I just figured that I rather follow closer to the guided project instructions than to stray off of it just on the off-chance someone else was going to use the data from DataQuest. Plus, condo prices would make more sense to look at given that no one really buys homes in NYC. So, to me, it would be more worthwhile to look at that.

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Which is fine I based my analysis on which was the most numerous in the dataset. I agree though houses aren’t really bought in NYC. As for the portfolio I’ve included just the machine learning stuff and a few other projects from dataquest in both python and R.