Guided Project Review - SQL Fundamentals/CIA World Factbook (Revised)

This is an overhaul of my original. I cleaned up obvious typos, fleshed out the description text, revised some of the queries (mostly so that you could see which statistic went with what country), and added more of a conclusion. I’m open to any feedback on analysis, style, format, etc. The original post is Guided Project Review - SQL Fundamentals/CIA World Factbook

Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL.ipynb (37.3 KB)

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Hi @PatrickSmith

Thanks for sharing your project with Dataquest community. The queries have been well worked on and has that yielded the desired outputs. Most of your explanations are very informing , the introduction and conclusion is well displayed, have few suggestions;

  • You can consider exploring further on other demographic factors like birth rate, death rate , and so on. You will surely end up with some interesting facts same to geographical factors like finding out those countries where ratio of water is more than that of land.
  • Your query shows that china is the country in the world with the highest population , but you didn’t provide the reasons, I think the best approach is to give some explanations why this is so.
  • Also, when giving reasons which are sourced from the internet, then you should always consider attaching the links to your explanations like the case of Bangladesh where you indicated a ‘quick search online for population densities.’
  • Check on the typos ,like in your conclusion, the third paragraph, fourth line, I think you meant ‘method’ and not ‘methid’.

Otherwise from my side, I think everything is well worked and manged. Congratulations mate for the good work. All the best in your upcoming projects.


@brayanopiyo18, thanks for the feedback. I’ve been a little hesitant to link websites because I’m not sure how to know what’s a reliable source. Do you have any input on that? Any good resources on how to learn more? Back in the '90s and early 2000s when I learned writing and citations the Internet was barely a thing then and we were generally advised to use hard sources over anything online. The world has changed a lot since then!