Guided Project Review - SQL Fundamentals/CIA World Factbook

Any feedback. Layout, code, commenting, etc. Note - I deleted and recreated this due to some errors in the original upload.

Factobok With SQL (redone Mar 2022).ipynb (34.5 KB)

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Hi @PatrickSmith
Please upload the ipynb file of your project.

Oops. I put it in the middle of the tag. Fixed. For some reason it still shows the old name, no matter what I do.

Hi @PatrickSmith

I had a quick look at your project and it looks good. I am sure you have followed all the instructions exactly and got the required output. The presentation and explanations looks good; makes it very easy to understand your project.

Regarding Layout and styling, maybe you can have a look at this page someone recently shared in the community. It is a great guide.

One more suggestion would be regarding the conclusion. You have summed up what you have done in the project. But it would be better to summarise your finding in the conclusion section. For example, “From my study I found out that Macau has the highest population density”.

Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.

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Hi @PatrickSmith! Thanks for sharing your project with the Community:) I agree with @jithins123 but here is some feedback from me:

  • You have some typos. For example, you miss a parenthesis and an exclamation mark in the questions that you want to answer in the project. These are small issues but they strike the eye once you start reading the project:)
  • After completing the project, run all code cells so that they follow a sequence of numbers from 1 to n. It’ll also ensure that every single code cell runs correctly
  • Note that you also have a country called “European Union”. Do you think it’s worth including it in the calculation of the average world population and population density?
  • You can include the answers to the questions in the conclusions or write a small summary at the beginning of the project. Note that most readers want quick answers to their questions so they won’t read through the whole project to find the answers:)

In addition to the guide recommended by @jithins123, I’d recommend this in-depth style guide that covers any project in whatever language:)

Happy coding :smiley:


@jithins123 , thanks for the feedback and pointing out the style guide. I notice that it has some striking differences between the way I was taught (and the way the lessons on this site tend to be written), specifically things like not using shouting case for commands and using a river to make reading easier. Personally, I like the style in the guide better, but I’m curious: Is this now the accepted way to do it? Is there any consensus in the community? Or am I going to get a lot of pushback for using it? Not that I care too much; I just want to know if I need to mentally brace myself for that!

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@artur.sannikov96, Thanks for the feedback. I sort of intentionally posted the first draft to see what people noticed and get used to taking a little criticism. In the future I’ll wait until I’ve polished it a bit more. Out of curiosity, if I make changes and want to post again, should I update the original, add a reply here, or create a new post?

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You can post your updated project as a reply in this topic and briefly tell us what you changed.

Or if you make substantial changes, you can create a new topic and mention “Revised” (or a synonym) in the title and leave a link to this old topic:)

It’s up to you!

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Hi @PatrickSmith Yes, I agree with you. The points given in the guide are quite different to what we’ve been learning for a long time. But somehow it makes sense as well as looks pretty. So I believe the community will follow this new way as it makes the code easy to read. Though this is more like my personal opinion. I haven’t spend a lot of time in any sql community to learn more about this trend.

Just found this and thought of sharing it with you @PatrickSmith

If you search SQL Style guide in the community, you will find more interesting threads as well.