Guided Project S01-01: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets

Hi everyone!

This is my first guided project for the Data Science in Python track.

I would love to receive your feedback for my project, especially your feedback for the room of improvements:

  1. Overall flow and storytelling
  2. Data cleaning approach
  3. Data analysis approach
  4. My analysis and critical thinking skills

Here is the URL of my project:

Thanks in advance!


Hi @shipWship,

You have done a great first project!! The details provided in the markdown cells are amazing. I felt like getting a better picture of this whole project. I haven’t seen any better ‘Profitable app’ project on DQ guided project till date than yours! The overall flow is really good, the structure and sub headings are great.

Probably my only suggestion would be regarding printing the app names in certain category, especially the one in ‘family’

Since you decided to print all the names of the apps in family category, it almost felt like a never ending scrolling to get to the end of the list. Instead of printing all the values, you could have used a loop, counter and if condition to print only a limited number of items.

Other than that I don’t hany anything else to add. Great job. Looking forward to seeing more great projects from you. Happy learning.


Hi @jithins123,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and motivation! :slight_smile:

You are very right about the “never-ending scrolling result”. I will make it more reader-friendly.

I am looking forward to learning more skills and completing more projects! Happy coding! :smiley: