Guided Project:Star War Survey
toCopy_of_Star_Wars_Survey_Analysis.ipynb (462.5 KB)
Open to critics, this is my first ever project in DS

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Hey @alijajedonis

First off - congratulations on your first project completion + submission.

Second - Thanks for mentioning and highlighting your peer’s project you took inspiration from and giving them credits :+1:

Third - I am feeling lazy so I am copy-pasting the same review! :grin: well pasting the link here- Guided Project: Star Wars Survey - My take just for your reference.

  • You have added sub-titles to the project which creates a section and identifies what you are really trying to achieve with the code. :ok_hand:

  • I missed if for @a.xitas, but really buddies - you need to title and add legends to your plots and also refine them a bit. like for pie-chart - what is B, CAD or HS? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • giving a background for “ppscore” with installation step and a brief explanation is a plus :+1:
    although I didn’t quite understand the correlation chart but that’s just me I guess. I need to work on that.

  • why does the project have so many empty cells and so many warnings?

  • lastly, what am I missing here to understand this conclusion?

Star Wars fans are mostly between 40-60, but a good amount lies over 60 too - New fans like way more ‘Empire Strikes back’ than older ones

Thanks for sharing your project.


@alijajedonis thanks for mentioning me/my project, Obrigado :slight_smile:

Reagarding the pie chart, @Rucha is right. I will try to correct mine and post it latter. Maybe you can give it a check then :wink:

All the Best!

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@Rucha Thanks for your in depth review, really appreciate it.
My visualization techniques I would say are ‘Young’ so i am looking to learn from everyone, in this case my inspiration was a.xitas, I will make the necessary changes you just recommended.
The warnings are from ppscore I used, because dataset it has few rows and thus you get a warning.
-For my Conclusion that most of Star wars fans are between 40-60, from data analyzing by age we can see that 80% of people who got interviewed by ‘fivethirtyeight’ were 30 and above, so I thought of taking this approach using Central Limit Theorem, and concluding that for dataset of entire world this would be a normal distribution where 95% of fans would lie between 40-60 in age. This conclusion I am not sure if it is 100% correct but I am looking forward to improve myself through critics.
Thank you for your time, All the best!

@a.xitas Yes!
I am looking forward for more projects from you, so I can learn more and more.
Keep up the good work!

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